Medicare Part D

Medicare Supplement Coverage and Part D

If you are on Medicare Part A and Part B and have a Medicare supplement policy the time is approaching to review your Part D for 2011. Part D has been extremely helpful to millions of Medicare recipients and is an important part of your insurance coverage in addition to a Medicare supplement plan. There are three waysfor you to do thatCall Medicare (800-633-4227)andgive a Part D specialist your RX list. A representative will find a plan for you and enroll you over thephoneimmediately. ** This...

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Seniors Reach Medicare Part D 'Doughnut Hole'

A Kaiser Family Foundation study released in August said that in 2007 about 3.4 million Americans enrolled in a Medicare Part D drug plan reached the doughnut hole. The 3.4 represents 26% of the Medicare Part D enrollees in 2007. Also, 22% of Medicare Part D enrollees stayed in the doughnut hole for the remaining part of the year while the remaining 4% reached the catastrophic level. Many seniors combine Medicare Part A and Part B with Medicare supplement coverage for their health insurance a...

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Medicare Part D Premiums Increase in 2009

Many seniors have great health insurance coverage by combining Medicare Part A and Part B with a Medicare supplement plan and a Medicare Part D plan. Like everything today, prices are on the rise for Medicare Part D plans in 2009. The good news is that the Medicare Part D 2009 premiums are 37% lower than what was anticipated when Part D plans were introduced. The average 2009 rate has increased to $28 per month. This is $3 more than the 2008 average. How can a senior keep costs down? By ch...

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Getting Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D plans can only be purchased through private companies. Between November 15th and December 31st each year is the Annual Election Period which allows you to sign up for the first time if you have put off purchasing a plan or change plans if there is another one you prefer. One of the best resources for finding the plan that best meets your needs is on the Medicare website ( On the website, you can go in and enter your RXs and the website will rank the plans for...

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Medicare Part D Revisited

Things are getting very busy regarding Medicare Part D. Insurance companies that sell Medicare supplements are getting their information out to medigap policyholders regarding the plans that they offer. Other companies are soliciting by mass mailings. What are the things you should remember? Here are a few: You are eligible if you have Medicare Part A or are enrolled in Medicare Part B. The first day you can sign anything is November 15, 2005. Coverage will not begin until January 1, 20...

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Medicare Part D

The initial open enrollment period for Medicare Part D is November 15, 2005 through May 15, 2006. Enrolling is a choice that each person that has Medicare Part A and B recipient can make. During the second half of 2005, Medicare will be providing a great deal of information to Medicare recipients regarding this coverage. Medicare Part D has a $250 deductible, then pays 75% of the next $2,000. At that point the Medicare recipient is responsible for all of the next $2,850. Once you have person...

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