August, 2008

Medicare Supplements: How they work

In order to have a Medicare supplement, a person must also have coverage under Medicare Part A and Part B. The Medicare supplement picks up where Medicare leaves off. Medicare Part A (hospitalization) has a deductible and additional costs for extended hospital stays. Part B has a deductible and then generally covers 80% of medical costs. Medicare supplement coverage depends on which of the available plans you choose.Medicare supplement coverage is preferred by many seniors because it allows ...

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Medicare Part D Premiums Increase in 2009

Many seniors have great health insurance coverage by combining Medicare Part A and Part B with a Medicare supplement plan and a Medicare Part D plan. Like everything today, prices are on the rise for Medicare Part D plans in 2009. The good news is that the Medicare Part D 2009 premiums are 37% lower than what was anticipated when Part D plans were introduced. The average 2009 rate has increased to $28 per month. This is $3 more than the 2008 average. How can a senior keep costs down? By ch...

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