June, 2009

Medicare Supplement Policies Are Easy to Buy

Are you interested in buying a Medicare supplement policy for the first time or replacing your current Medicare supplement plan? Medicare supplement coverage is easy to purchase. Rates can be obtained by completing an online quote form like the one found at www.medicaresupplementcenter.com. Once you receive an email back with a quote comparison and decide with an agent what plan makes the most sense for you, a simple application is then submitted to the insurance company where the medigap pol...

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Medigap Policies Can Be A Smart Purchase

Being on Medicare is great, right? Well, yes and no. Being on Medicare is great because the monthly premiums can be affordable. Many people get Part A automatically when they turn 65. They do not have to pay a monthly payment called a premium for Part A because they or a spouse paid Medicare taxes while they were working. The Part B premium may be low compared to what an individual health insurance policy would cost for someone that age and there are no exclusion for pre-existing conditions...

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Medicare and Hospice

Medicare Part A includes Hospice as a benefit. Medicare Part A beneficiaries are entitled to hospice benefits if they are terminally ill and have less than six months to live. Hospice benefits include doctor services, medical equipment and supplies, and nursing services among other things. In 2011, Medicare Part A has a $1,132 deductible. The beneficiary is responsible for this deductible. Medicare Part B has a $162 deductible and then Medicare pays 80% and the beneficiary generally pays th...

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