October, 2008

Seniors Review Health Insurance

At this time of year, many seniors review their current health insurance to see if a Medicare supplement policy would be a good idea. Seniors that have retired and have insurance through their previous employer are finding out about changes to their health insurance. Not all the changes are favorable. Many include higher premiums and higher deductibles. When the premiums and/or deductibles get too high, Medicare supplement policies combined with Part D coverage become attractive. One import...

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Time to Shop for a New Medicare Supplement Insurance?

November 15th is coming up and many seniors with Medicare supplement insurance believe that this is the time (November 15th - December 31st) they can change to another medicare supplement policy (medigap policy). This is true and false. True, you can look for and apply with another medicare supplement company between November 15th and December 31st. False, if you thought this was the only time of the year you can change Medicare supplements. Medicare supplement insurance can be changed at an...

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2009 Medicare Part B Premium

Good news for Medicare recipients! For the first time since 2000, the Medicare Part B premium will be the same in 2009 as the previous year for most seniors. Individuals making $85,000 or less or couples making $170,000 or less will pay $96.40/month. This is good news for seniors with Medicare supplement insurance since every dollar matters. Having a Medicare supplemental policy combined with Medicare Part A and Part B is a great way for senior to insure their health. Like almost everything...

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