September, 2008

Mediare Part A and Part B Plus Medicare Supplement Insurance

Seniors may be concerned that once they get on Medicare their insurance coverage will decrease in benefits. When you combine Medicare Part A and Part B with Medicare Supplement Insurance you will find great insurance coverage for your medical bills. For example, Medicare supplement coverage found on a Plan F covers all the Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles and covers generally the 20% of Medicare Part B charges not covered by Medicare (as well as 100% of all excess charges). How can the c...

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Medicare Supplements See Lower Rate Increases

Good news for Medicare supplement policyholders! According to a PRNews press release on August 12, 2008, Aon Consulting Worldwide surveyed more than 70 leading health care insurers. Part of the survey focused on Medicare supplement rate increases. The result was that rates were projected to increase 7.3%. This is good news since a year ago the rates were increasing 11.2%. Rates can be expected to increase. But there is a way to potentially lower your Medicare supplement rate. How? By sho...

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Seniors Reach Medicare Part D 'Doughnut Hole'

A Kaiser Family Foundation study released in August said that in 2007 about 3.4 million Americans enrolled in a Medicare Part D drug plan reached the doughnut hole. The 3.4 represents 26% of the Medicare Part D enrollees in 2007. Also, 22% of Medicare Part D enrollees stayed in the doughnut hole for the remaining part of the year while the remaining 4% reached the catastrophic level. Many seniors combine Medicare Part A and Part B with Medicare supplement coverage for their health insurance a...

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