Choosing a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

Friday, July 16, 2010

In order to simplify the process of choosing a medigap insurance plan, I've listed 4 plans for you to consider.
#1.  Plan F
#2.  Plan G
#3.  Plan N
#4.  Plan F+ (high deductible plan F)
PlanF:  The plan F is the most comprehensive medigap insurance plan.
Plan G:  The plan G policy has been an alternative to the plan F policy for some who have had a Medicare supplement insurance plan such as a plan F and looking to reduce insurance premiums.
Plan N:  This is a new medigap policy that has only been available since June of 2010.  I have found the plan N to be well received by many with a plan F or plan G Medicare supplement policy wanting to reduce insurance premiums.
Plan F+:  I write fewer of the high deductible F Medicare supplement plans than the other plans.
Important:  Standardized medigap plans such as F and G must offer the same basic benefits.  The only difference is how much you pay!
Rick Iverson 7/16/2010