Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue Rights

Monday, August 16, 2010
Many seniors are losing their employer group health coverage or union coverage.  This employer group health coverage could be in the form of retiree coverage or COBRA coverage.  For some, the loss of employer group coverage is because the former employer is looking for a way to save money.  Others may be losing their employer group coverage due to retirement or the retirement of a spouse.  When this coverage ends, the insured has certain rights in the area of purchasing a Medicare supplement.
These rights are provided by law to help the individual obtain Medicare supplement coverage.  In these circumstances, you have the right to buy Medicare supplement Plans A, B, C, F, High Deductible F, K, L, M and N being offered in your state.  
There is a limited time frame in which to purchase Medicare supplement health insurance under this guaranteed issue right. The purchase must be made no later than 63 calendar days after the latest of:  the end date of coverage, the date on your notice of coverage termination, or the date of a claim denial if this were the only way for your to find out your coverage was ending.
Medicare supplemental insurance offers great coverage to those on Medicare Part A & B.  When available, seniors need to take advantage of Medicare supplement guaranteed issue rights.
Aaron Holmes 8/16/2010