Your Medicare Supplement Policy Review

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
Have you reviewed your Medicare supplement insurance lately?  Insurance rates change regularly.  This is true of your property and casualty insurance as well as your Medicare supplement insurance.  Fortunately, like property and casualty insurance, you can change to another Medicare supplement insurance company any time you want.  There are no Annual Election Periods you have to work in or around.  But be aware that when you change you may be subject to underwriting.  In most cases, you are not guaranteed issue.
Why do Medicare supplement rates increase?  Medicare supplement rates increase due to your age if you have an attained age policy.  They can also increase due to the claim experience on the block of insurance policies as well as inflation.  Regardless of what kind of policy you have, your Medicare supplement insurance plan is going to experience rate adjustments.
You should consider reviewing your Medicare supplement plan and the associated premium on a regular basis.  You might be surprised to find out there are less expensive options now available.  Or you might find out there is a Medicare supplement plan that fits your needs better than the one you currently have at a lower cost.
Aaron Holmes 9/15/2010