July, 2010

Choosing a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan

In order to simplify the process of choosing a medigap insurance plan, I've listed 4 plans for you to consider. #1. Plan F #2. Plan G #3. Plan N #4. Plan F+ high deductible plan F PlanF: The plan F is the most comprehensive medigap insurance plan. Plan G: The plan G policy has been an alternative to the plan F policy for some who have had a Medicare supplement insurance plan such as a plan F and looking to reduce insurance premiums. Plan N: This is a new medigap policy that has only been availab...

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Rick Iverson 7/16/2010 Comments(0)

Medigap Health Insurance Helps Provide Peace of Mind

Medigap heath insurance helps provides Medicare beneficiaries with peace of mind. Most medigap policies, also know as Medicare supplements, provide coverage for Medicare Part A and B deductibles, co-insurance, and excess charges. Medigap coverage can also include skilled nursing coverage, foreign travel insurance and hospice benefits. Specifically, how does medigap insurance help provide you with peace of mind? With a medigap plan, you can reduce your out-of-pocket cost if faced with medical bil...

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Aaron Holmes 7/16/2010 Comments(0)