Medicare Part A Benefit Period

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Medicare Part A in 2005 has a deductible of $912.  That means the insured is responsible for the first $912 of inpatient hospital expense before Medicare will begin to pay.   The bad news for the insured is that this deductible can occur more than one time during the year.  This is one of the main reasons a medicare supplement is so important.  All medicare supplements, with the exception of Plan A, cover this deductible.

If the Medicare Part A deductible will be apply more than once during a year is based on a benefit period.  The benefit period begins on the day the insured begins receiving inpatient hospital care which is approved by Medicare.  The benefit period ends when you have been out of the hospital for more than 60 days.  Medicare Supplement Plans B-J will cover this deductible even if it happens more than once a year.