Medicare Part D Premiums Increase in 2009

Friday, August 1, 2008

Many seniors have great health insurance coverage by combining Medicare Part A and Part B with a Medicare supplement plan and a Medicare Part D plan.  Like everything today, prices are on the rise for Medicare Part D plans in 2009.  The good news is that the Medicare Part D 2009 premiums are 37% lower than what was anticipated when Part D plans were introduced.  The average 2009 rate has increased to $28 per month.  This is $3 more than the 2008 average.  How can a senior keep costs down?  By checking with their doctor to see if a generics can replace brand name drugs and also by checking out the 2009 Part D plans to see if there is one that better fits their needs.  This can be done by talking to their pharmacist or using the Medicare website that has a tool allowing one to enter his or her RX information and then ranking the plans in the most cost effective order.