Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue Rights

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Will your Medicare Advantage Plan be around in 2010?  Some Medicare Advantage Plan members will be involuntarily disenrolled from their current plans since some plans will end as of 12/31/09.  What does this mean for the Medicare Advantage Plan members?  For some this change presents a great opportunity to purchase a Medicare supplement policy without going through any underwriting.  If a person's Medicare Advantage Plan leaves Medicare or stops providing benefits in an area of coverage, that person can apply for a for Medicare supplement coverage without answering any health questions.

What is the time frame to take action and purchase a Medigap insurance?  The Medicare supplement insurance can be purchased up to 60 calendar days prior to the Medicare Advantage Plan terminating but no later than 63 days after the coverage ends.  Plan F is a very popular Medicare supplement plan.  This plan along with Plans A, B, C, K & L can be purchased using guaranteed issue rights.