Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan F

Thursday, June 17, 2010
Many Medicare Beneficiaries have a Medicare supplement plan F.  The reason is the simplicity and functionality. Some agents describe plan F as hundred percent coverage.  I would say the best way to describe plan F is that it covers all deductibles and co-pays associated with part A and part B of Medicare. That is the simplicity. The functionality is if you budget premiums for a plan F you don't have to budget monies for doctor visits or hospital stays. This keeps it nice and simple. For bookkeeping purposes unless a doctor or hospital is charging you for something that is not covered by Medicare you shouldn't have to pay for it because plan F Medicare supplement and Medicare should cover the cost. There can be some small exceptions but this is basically the rule. I like plan F because it's easy to explain and because it's easy to explain  it's easy for people to remember what their plan covers. After a plan F has been described as above most folks will remember it or at least most  of it for years, whereas some of the other plans that involve co-pays deductibles and might not be remembered as well. I have never had a client complain about the way a Plan F pays.
Chris G. Hardin 6/17/2010