Medicare Supplements & Departments of Ins

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Your state's department of insurance website can be very helpful in getting Medicare supplement information.  Often they even provide you with rate information.  Sometimes the information is accurate and other times it is a little out of date, but it can a good starting point.  You may need to look for a listing of consumer publications which could provide rates or some states even have handy tools that allow you to enter in your zip code and it will list out rates.  Keep in mind the rates may not be kept up to date but they do provide some help in knowing generally how much you can expect to pay. 

How do you find your state's department of insurance website?  Go to a search engine like Google, type in "Texas department of insurance" for example and look at the top listings.  Your state website is probably the first one listed.  From there look for terms like "Consumer information" or "Medicare supplement rates" or even "Insurance for Seniors" to find information about Medicare supplements in your state.

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